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We experienced a flood in the office and SERVPRO was nothing short of perfect. John (owner) was so helpful and thorough in assisting us. The entire staff was very professional, informative, and punctual. The communication between John and the office throughout this ordeal was superb. I have no complaints whatsoever. A company is only as strong as the ones who represent it. Our company will definitely use their services again. 

Elena C. wrote a 5 star review of your business: "Always available when we need them. Their services are amazing. They are very helpful and also so informative to help the client make the best decisions." Read more Today, April 23, 2019, 12:57 pm via Yelp app

SERVPRO was recommended to me by State Farm when I had a leak in my kitchen window coming from the roof.  SERVPRO was there and took over with the very professional  manner of removing the base boards, boring holes where needed in the base area of the wall, and setting up their fan blowing equipment as quickly as possible to eliminate any mold that would occur if left without such attention.  Their cleanup of any mess was taken care of satisfactorily and I would definitely recommend them for taking care of such needs.  Good job SERVPRO!!

Nan Levy

Thank you and your team for the quick response at Coral Springs. Myself and the store were very pleased with the communication, professionalism and work completed.

SERVPRO is our number 1 choice for remediation, fire and water damage. Should anything arise in the future, we will definitely be in contact!

This crew was very courteous. They took the time to put everything back to the existing state.

Date: Wed, May 1, 2019 at 9:19 AM
Subject: Re: Invoice
To: Sharon Warchol <SERVPRO4@gmail.com>

Sharon... good morning!! Wow!! Thank you for the quick response to message regarding my invoice. I tried pulling up SERVPRO emails but now I remember it would've been under your name when you sent them last time. No wonder I couldn't find it. You're the best!!

So you know,  I completed SERVPRO survey with a 100% 10 Star Review after the flooding. You have a wonderful crew!! 

Enjoy your day!!


Gina SantaMaria-Debevec

What I was concerned about was getting things dried and I believe they did a great job. The dehumidifiers worked well. The men were courteous and kind and professional. thank you for their service.

Thank you very much for all you have done for me. I really appreciate you all very much. Perfect team work. God Bless you all. Have a nice day!

Your SERVPRO crew was efficient, on budget, on time, and professional! The only company I would call to fix water damage.

I never could have imagined getting fire damage repair, but when I needed it you were right there to get it done on time, on budget, by true professionals. Thanks!

I would like to commend your company on your fast response to our call for help with our flood damaged kitchen in Coconut Creek. Your SERVPRO crew arrived even quicker than expected and immediately got to work drying our kitchen. Thank you for your high level of service!

We had a leak in our roof our house became flooded after last rain storm called SERVPRO they came out and saved my life !

The office above mine leaked water everywhere I was worried I would have to shut down for a few days losing money after calling SERVPRO not the case. I never stopped working for a minute these guys were great. 

I had a mold problem in the bathroom of my home SERVPRO showed up and quickly made it go away.

All I want do is say Thank You to SERVPRO. In my time of need they were able to get my business up and running faster then I ever imagined.

Hello Sharon, 

Thank you. You have been amazing. I am very impressed so far!  

Elena and Luis are very happy with the work you done.

 If you could please provide a separate proposal for the painting and shower rebuild, I would really appreciate it.

Also, is there any way you can add on the propsal referring to items that are removed for access will be reinstalled at no cost?

 Thank you.

 Kind Regards, 

Margie Garcia 

When your crew show up so quickly and worked so prompt to dry out our home I was never so impressed.

Thank you so much ! You were able to help us out when we needed it the most!

Very nice guys so polite I would recommend them to everyone !

I was very comfortable with the same guys coming each day checking on the progress of my situation. Until it was completely resolved.

During Hurricane Irma my house was completely flooded I wanted to thank SERVPRO for helping clean up & dry out my house so quickly during this awful time.

I want  to thank Yoandi and his crew for responding so fast to my home after our recent fire they were such a great help.

Dear Fellow Congregants,

While Hurricane Irma might seem like a distant memory, it’s still impacting the lives of many folks throughout South Florida. With the exception of some downed trees and power outages, most of us came through the storm with no real issues. Others were not as fortunate. Our synagogue community was one of the first to mobilize and help our neighbors in need and our efforts made a real difference. Thank you.

As you may know, Ramat Shalom was damaged during Irma. In addition to downed trees and damaged fencing on our school playground, there were several roof leaks and our office building flooded. Immediately after the storm, we contacted our insurance company and restoration specialists so that we could begin getting our synagogue back to normal. Given the amount of damage in our area, the process has been slow, but we are moving forward.

It was determined that water intruded the office building through cracks in the foundation. These cracks have been sealed. Water-damaged built-ins in Rabbi Andrew’s office have been removed. The dry wall in the Rabbi’s and Cantor’s offices, as well as in a storage closet, has been replaced. Painting has begun and we expect new carpeting to be installed in the office building this week. For the most part, all of these repairs are being paid for by our insurance company. He and his staff came out the day after Irma to begin the restoration and repair process in our office building and donated a great deal of their time and resources to ensure that things could get back to normal as quickly as possible. (Mazal Tov to Adam and his new wife Lara, who were married this past weekend!)

To Whom This May Concern:

Yoandi and his team from SERVPRO did an amazing job with my home's reconstruction.  They went above and beyond to make sure everything was up to their standards plus more.  They made sure to put in the time and only use quality materials to get the job done.  I could tell they really cared.  I have never had a service team this efficient and kind.  I am so happy with the finished product.  They made it so seamless, its hard to tell there was any damage in the first place. 

Yoandi was very kind and a great person to work with.  You can tell he has a very kind heart and only wants the best for what he puts out there.  His work ethic and enthusiasm was over my expectations. Will definitely call back if I ever need any more reconstruction to the house.

Overall, I am very happy with the service.


Ranjani Davalath

Arrowhead Apartments

My water heater exploded first thing I did was call SERVPRO best choice I could have made!

The water was dripping down my walls running everywhere until SERVPRO showed up thanks for the help.

I had water everywhere in my home I didn't even know what to do Adam and his crew showed up and solved the problem immediately Thanks 

I wasn't sure what to do so I called SERVPRO when this awful odor would not go way turned out to be mold they remove promptly problem solved !

We were very upset when a pipe in the bathroom burst. The water was everywhere your crew showed up fast and dried up the water as fast as possible.

We had a small kitchen fire we couldn't believe how fast your crew was able to eliminate the fire smell and clean the soot Thank you for such a great job.

Please convey my appreciation and compliments to the professionalism of your team. As a retired Palm Beach president, I know the value of employees you can trust to manage the SERVPRO business. I would and will if the occasion arise recommend your services.

Thanks again for a terrific job done!!

We received a customer satisfaction survey form this customer. Please see the results below. Thanks for the excellent customer service!!! The repair experience overall: 10 The quality of the restoration performed: 10 The contractor kept you informed during the restoration process: 10 The contractor was professional : 10 The contractor completed the restoration correctly: 10 The contractor explained the restoration needed: 10 The contractor completed the work on time: 10

Very Professional and prompt crew came in and took care of business!!

They really care for your well being, thank you for getting my home back to me from the mold.

It was a pleasure having SERVPRO take care of the mold that my rental apartment had in the kitchen. Very professional crew.

Thank you for taking care of the water loss in my garage extremely happy with the service.

Happy to have SERVPRO take care of my mother’s house, the crew hit it out the park.

Thank you for your prompt services! I am glad you are available one phone call away.

Beyond happy with the services rendered to the mold located in my kitchen, everything was seamless.

Wow thank you for you professional crew.

I am really happy with the way SERVPRO came in and took care of the water damage at my home. Very professional crew!!